GENERAL ELECTRIC OIL&GAS – Virtual Interactive Environment for Training on LubeOil Console

As for the Turbine, Illogic designed an interactive VR stereoscopic application able to support training and operative processes through immersive technology.

The real model of the console has been mocked up in 3D and integrated in a realistic environment to be used by operators as an interactive space where to train.

The trainer/maintenance operator can previsualize, dismount and repair components, simulating physical-chemical actions (switch on, breakdown…) through specific VR simulators and also get additional information thanks to AR infographic-panels, which helps to localize intervention areas.

By the use of this application, the client has, at its disposal, a demo to effectively perform product to the final client and a tool to train personnel through learning sessions in simulation, faraway from the risks coming from on-field practice and definitely reducing costs.

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