This project of cooperation among several selected realities on the european technological panorama, is promoted and funded by the European Commission.

The key features covered by A4BLUE are:

1) Adaptation, to provide an open, secure, configurable, scalable and interoperable adaptation management and assistance system that allows an easy integration of heterogeneous hardware and software components; the system also aims to adjust the behavior of workplace parts according to changes.

2) Interaction, by providing a set of safe, easy to use, intuitive and personalized and context aware multimodal human-automation interaction mechanisms and

3) Sustainability, methods and tools to determine the optimal degree of automation of the new assembly processes that combine and balance social and economic criteria to maximize long term worker satisfaction and overall performance.

The objectives A4BLUE are addressed through 8 Work Packages (WP), each of them divided into specific tasks.
The project started the last October and Illogic is in charge for the development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications.

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