Often, traditional exhibitions can be aseptic, there is no dialogue or interaction with guests, culture and knowledge need to be constantly stimulated, and curiosity could be the right way to attract visitors. So, have you ever thought what could happen if artworks came to life during your visit to a museum? We want to explain how this can happen with a simple 3D application.

3DArcheoPark is a flexible and low cost mobile app for archeological site visitors. Users can dive into a historical virtual scenario that depicts what no longer exists: they are able to “live” and appreciate all the environments, objects, rooms and any other detail recreated in photorealistic quality. Technically speaking, the app leverages innovative technologies (proximity, VR/AR, etc.) and gamification techniques to provide users an immersive, complete and fun visit of the site.

Our 3DArcheoPark app includes two main features:

  • The first one is the 3D interactive synoptic map for the visitors that depicts the entire archaeological site in a photorealistic style. The map highlights the attractions of the site and provides specific information about them through dedicated layers of information. The app also provides visit tour suggestions, links to other near related sites and real-time information updates regarding places under maintenance, queues, etc. 
  • The second feature is an innovative mixed reality view that let visitors use their mobile device to look around as if they were in the proper historical period. They are immersed in a virtual historical scenario experiencing it as it appeared originally. They can also compare today’s view with the past, interact with historical or fictional characters and finally learn by living a fun experience that they can share on social networks. 

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