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What we do

Intelligent Ideas operates in the B2B industries focusing in particular on 3D real-time Virtual Reality training simulation solutions for the Oil&Gas and Energy Industries and process industries in general.

We create innovation of product, of process and of business. Interactive 3D solutions, from simulation based safety training and learning to the creation of interactive 3D materials, improve communication and knowledge transfer and enable people to understand faster and decide better.

intelligent ideas
intelligent ideas

how we do it

technologies we use

To create products and services that allow our clients’ operational processes to reach the excellence we take advantage of a wide variety of advanced technologies.

Our competences include the wide spectrum of Extended Reality, from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, from Projected reality to Assisted Reality.

A set of complementary technologies such as Artificial Vision, Internet of Things and Enhanced Intelligence are used to combine, integrate and optimize operational efficiency and technical compatibility.

our focus

solutions for businesses

State-of-the-art platforms enabled by VR/AR and AI technologies to achieve Digital Operation Excellence.

Our industrial acumen in latest digital technologies is channeled into the industrial processes to create unique solutions that allow our clients to achieve Digital Operational Excellence.
We are developing state-of-the-art platforms enabled by VR/AR and AI technologies to optimize industrial operational processes.

intelligent ideas

our pride

why choose us

Quality assurers
We commit to our clients by exploring their inner need and ensuring our proven project management skills.

Empowered expertise
The expertise of our qualified and professional resources goes into making sure that we realize successfully complex and high quality projects.

Innovation Enablers
We are constantly working on cutting edge technologies, developing innovative hardware and software proprietary solutions.

intelligent ideas

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